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Book Review: Prince of Wolves, by Quinn Loftis. (Book 1 of The  Grey Wolf series.)

Prince of Wolves is a teenage romance with a werewolf fantasy woven amongst it. The author has modernised the novel by characters referring to the werewolves as Cannis Lupis which has been their name in many recent fantasy tales. However I did feel that it was difficult to decipher the “Texan” connotations which made the text difficult to understand at times. Basically the romance itself has a twist and gives “Arranged marriages “ a new meaning altogether. The sarcasm and humour make it enjoyable to read. What I would have liked there to have been more of the two friends Jen and Sally. They are interesting characters and there could have been more from their points of view.  

Overall I found the book refreshing and give a rating of 5/10. I recommend this series to young teens although I have to admit I am enjoying the storyline. So far so good.