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Book Review: Out of the Dark, by Quinn Loftis. (Book 4 of the Grey Wolf series).

This, the fourth instalment of the Grey Wolf series is an action packed, humour filled delight. The author has improved out of sight with these novels and settled into a rhythm fit for the storyline which continues to amaze. Out of the Dark is a fabulous addition to Grey Wolf series.
The war has begun and after finally bonding with his mate and overcoming witches curses Decebel yet again finds that his mate has gotten herself into serious danger. Jen and Jacque are at the forefront of a war between werewolf packs one of which has employed the help of a witch, breaking pack law.

Vasile requests assistance from the other packs, and takes on the Serbian pack. The witches name is Desdamona and while she pretends to be in service to the Siberian pack, actually has an anterior motive that involves old and new Gypsy blood. Of course they have to stop her and so Sally, Rachel and Peri take on the witch but find she is stronger than they had first thought. Jen and Jacque find they can also assist in the actual fighting, learning that their inner wolf is more alive and reachable than they had first been led to believe. Teaming up with the other she-wolves of their pack the girls become a formidable force and a great asset to the pack when the fighting is at its thickest.

Sally also learns there is a loophole in the Canis Lupis “true mate” laws. With both her best friends getting married and bonding with their mates, she was beginning to feel left behind. Luckily, it turns out that being a Gypsy healer has its own perks and perhaps her heart won’t be as lonely or broken as she had been thinking. 

Out of the Dark is a terrific fantasy novel that continues to focus on the Romanian werewolves. It has is filled with action and romance and keeps the reader on their toes with quick wit and sarcasm. The fourth book has been fun and exciting to read and I have enjoyed it very much. I have become fascinated and am really enjoying the history of the werewolves being revealed. It’s a different line to the stereotypical look usually depicting werewolves. I hope the following novel continues to surprise and intrigue the reader. Recommended for young to mid teens, I give Out of the Dark by Quinn Loftis 6.5/10. Top book indeed.