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Book Review: Beyond the Veil, by Quinn Loftis. (Book 5 of the Grey Wolf series).

What can I say other than wow! Talk about cliff hangers! The fifth book in the Grey Wolf series has been so loaded with action and suspense that it’s caused me to buy the next book even before writing the review for this one! I thoroughly enjoyed this book though I am an emotional wreck for these characters turmoil and devastation.
It begins with Jacque being separated from Jen and Sally. Jacque and Fane go into the mountains with Vasile and the rest of the Romanian pack, while Jen and Decebel along with Sally and her new found mate Costin travel in another direction. All the while Desdemona makes plans to destroy the world. Lilly Peirce, Jacque’s mum is brought into the scenario by the witch and is used as a trading pawn, and a warlock King finds his true mate. Mona employs help from pixie’s and causes Jacque to fall into a supernatural coma and Fane to be sent to the in-between, where nightmares come to life as images before your very eyes. The story however ends in a cliff hanger when all of the males are removed from the equation to join Fane, leaving the she-wolves unprotected. 

The entire book is filled with edge gripping scenario’s leaving the reader begging for more. Ending the book in such a way that the reader is desperate to see if the girls can save their men who are trapped in place worse than hell, and will they be able to defeat Desdemona. So many questions left unanswered. I can’t wait to get stuck into the next book. Well done Quinn Loftis, who has created a fabulous novel. 

This book receives the young to mid teen age group recommendation and a star rating of 7.5/10.


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