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Book Review: Fate and Fury, by Quinn Loftis. (Book 6 of the Grey Wolf series).

The sixth instalment of the Grey Wolf series gives us all the answers to our unanswered questions from the last book as well as opens up more by the end. Quinn Loftis has woven supernatural disaster beautifully, and has not disappointed readers, giving them a battle to remember
Jacque, Jen and Sally, as always, are in the thick of the drama, and after rescuing their mates fall victim to a spell of revenge dished out by their enemy Desdemona. The males, although no longer suffering the torment of the in-between, still suffer from what they have seen, and it’s affecting the bond with their mates. So much so the she-wolves take drastic measures that causes all kinds of issues when Desdemona’s spell strikes. 

Meanwhile Lilly and Cypher manage to wrangle assistance for the battle with the witch from an unlikely source, the elves. The Fae too become involved, after being chastised by the great Goddess Luna herself, use the moonstone presented to them to call all of the packs together for war.

The battle itself is ferocious and devastating and both sides are injured. But when the battle is over the right side find themselves still standing, only to come face to face with an even greater threat being Cypher’s own brother. This could lead to all kinds of trouble in future novels.

Overall Fate and Fury is a impressive book that keeps readers hooked with all the action and adventure. Again this book is recommended for early to mid teens. This book receives a rating of 7/10 stars.


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