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Book Review: Sacrifice of Love, by Quinn Loftis. (Book 7 in the Grey Wolf series.)

What an emotional roller coaster. The sixth book, Sacrifice of Love, by Quinn Loftis, has bee the best book yet. It has everything, love, turmoil, action, life and death. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and was surprised by the twists and turns presented.
As usual the girls find themselves kidnapped yet again, this time at the hands of a crazy warlock who is in fact Lilly’s mates brother. Their mate bonds are severed and they are left alone and defenceless in a place created by the Fae. Their mates are frantic with worry and anger as they attempt to find the girls, but with no bond it proves a difficult task. Thankfully the supernatural world lends their helping hands and gives the wolves the magical boost they need to get through their toughest battle yet. 


My favourite part of this book has to be when Jen finally gives birth to their daughter. Finding that the doc has given herself to the fates in place of their daughter is an amazing story. Especially the fact it is a complete surprise that it is her that makes the sacrifice and not the White wolf that has mysteriously found his way into the path of the pack, which is what I first thought. It ties her part in the series nicely without killing her off without meaning or purpose other than merely ending her or letting her wander aimlessly throughout the future novels. 

The main storyline really captured my imagination. I could almost feel the characters with all the modern lingo and references. The way the wolves incorporate this into the usually more formal lives is quite interesting and the humour is fantastic because of it. 

Overall I found this novel brilliant in the case of the storyline and am interested to see what follows in the next novel. This book and series is recommended for young to mid teens. I give the rating of 7.5/10 stars for this book. 


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