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Book Review: Dead to the World, by Charlaine Harris. (Book 4 in the Sookie Stackhouse series 2004).

In the previous novel authored by Charlaine Harris, Club Dead, we see Sookie attempt to sever ties with the two Vampires who impact on her life most, Bill and Eric. She even goes as far as to rescind their invitations into her house to make a statement of finality where the Vampires are concerned. In the fourth novel – Dead to the World, we find Sookie is attempting to piece together some kind of resemblance of a “normal” life. This seems to work alright until she is driving home from Merlotte’s after working the New Year’s Eve shift, only to discover a man running bare foot along the road and he has completely lost his memory.
After discovering that this late night runner is actually Eric Northman, she also learns that he has no memory of his current life! Following some phone calls and subsequent discussions with Pam, she realizes that there are in fact Witches working to extort money from him by taking over his power, and they are located nearby in Sheverpot. On top of all this, Sookie also finds out that her brother Jason is missing, and wastes time blaming the witches for that too.
Poor Sookie, she is stuck with a being of which she currently despises, and accidentally finds herself falling in love all over again. The change in Eric’s personality due to the recent memory loss captures Sookie’s romantic heart-strings, and they both give into the attraction which they have managed to deny, up until now. Meanwhile she turns to Alcide for help regarding her missing brother, and finds willing allies amongst more supernatural beings against the war with the Witches. dead to the world
Once Sookie realizes the Witches were not involved in her brothers disappearance, she looks toward the nearby town of “hotshot” and finds him in a predicament with his were-panther girlfriends intended. So much for normality of any kind! On the other hand Sookie can now say she has been schooled in werewolf and shape shifter life. At least to a point. The question is has she learnt anything from her adventures?
Charlaine Harris really turns up the heat in this novel, and lets the words sizzle off the page. The one on one time with Sookie and Eric are Hot! But did she really think that the “fairy tale” which they lived during the time which Eric had no memory of his former identity would exist once the spell was broken? And what about Bill? We all know he is less than impressed about the whole scenario.
I give this novel an 8.5/10 rating. Readers who like hot sizzling hot romance who enjoy – Dead to the world.


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