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Book Review: Definitely Dead, by Charlaine Harris. (Book 6 in the Sookie Stackhouse series 2006).

Sookie begins the sixth novel of the series with a boyfriend with a beating heart, no matter that it belongs to a were-tiger! Which is lucky for her that he is, even though he does struggle to protect her numerous times through this book. Sookie is attacked physically by a werewolf at the beginning of the book, and Bill attacks her emotionally by telling her the real reason for his courting her (persuaded by Eric), which of course crushes her heart into a million tiny pieces. But she doesn’t really have much time to contemplate this since she is required in New Orleans to deal with her dead cousin, Hadley’s estate.

Hadley had not only become a Vampire and made a life for herself before she had died the “true death”, she had also become the queen of Louisiana’s “companion” so to speak, which Sookie later finds she had actually cared quite deeply for her. She had owned her own apartment above the landlady who also happened to be a witch named Amelia, who assisted Sookie in finding out how Hadley had died (and the where abouts of a bracelet supposedly in Hadley’s possession), and why a newly made Vampire had attacked them once the stasis spell (cast by Amelia to ensure cleaning wasn’t necessary) had worn off. What’s even more strange is the new Vampire was actually a missing werewolf who worked with Quin.Luckily Sookie is able to untangle events to an extent, finding the bracelet for the Queen and discovering the identity of who had been sending the werewolf attackers. Debbie Pelt has one hell of a meddling family, however they still abide by traditional rules and the father is able to take control of Debbie’s determined younger sister. The book concludes with Sookie and her entourage returning to Bon Temp.
Amazingly Sookie is still going after everything that’s happened. She has had no time to process what’s really been going on around her with what Bill said to her in the hospital and the death of her cousin. Charlaine Harris has left us with a bit of a cliff hanger here. What will Sookie do? Will she ever speak to Bill again or if she does will be only as she stakes him? What will happen between her and Quin, considering they seem to make a pretty hot couple? And how long will Sookie’s new house guest be staying?
Charlaine Harris has written another great book with a lot of action packed adventure. Definitely Dead is a great book for anyone who like a supernatural and romantic genre. Looking forward to the next book. I have given Definitely Dead a rating of 7/10. Recommended for anyone 15 years or older.