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Book Review: City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (2007). Book 1 in the Shadow Hunter series.

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare is a fantasy novel surrounding a new type of supernatural being, Shadow Hunters. I have never personally heard of such a thing and apparently nor did our stories heroine, Clary Fairchild. The story begins with Clary and her best friend Simon going out to a night club where Clary finds herself being drawn into a world they hadn’t even known existed. Discovering Shadow Hunters is one thing, but it’s not long before Clary finds she herself is one of them.
She meets a trio of young Shadow Hunters who after some convincing welcome her into this new world. Izzy, her brother Alec and their adopted brother Jace, explain that Shadow Hunters are not completely human in that they are said to have Angel blood, Nephilim in fact. With the assistance of other magical elements such as runes and in their weapons, they are responsible for keeping the law of Accords a and therefore punishing “Downworlders” as necessary along with the banishing of demons. 

It’s after her meeting with these Shadow Hunters that Clary finds that her mother has been kidnapped and her good friend/father figure doesn’t care for her at all. It’s then that Clary turns to the Shadow Hunters and the institute for help. She also finds herself attracted to the very masculine and vicious Jace which causes issues with her best friend Simon. 

An action packed beginning to what could be a great series. Not my usual taste and found it awkward to read at first, struggling to get into the storyline. However I did find myself enjoying it by the end. I recommend this book for mid teens and give the novel 5/10 star rating.


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