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Book Review: Wham!, by Carol Marrs a Phipps & Tom Phipps (2016).

Now I understand the significance of the cover. At least I think I do. Unfortunately I feel as though I have spent at least 75% of this novel trying to understand what exactly is going on. There is no easing into the story, the author goes straight into the action of the present situations that there is no real background given as to why anything is occurring. As the scene isn’t set in the usual way it’s easy to get terribly lost, but wit a touch of perseverance it is still worth the read.

Admittedly, I did somewhat enjoy Wham, the storyline itself is definitely unique and I can see a lot of promise in future works from these authors. Tess is easily my favourite character, and I enjoy watching her maturity shine through as she deals with the loss of everything in her world around her. Nia, he sister also shows much resilience in her own story, though I find her lack of reaction to what happens to her a little strange. She is violated yet shows little emotion. Or is there something more that is yet to be told?

Overall I found Wham! To be an intriguing tale that has piqued my interest in some serious magical ideas. I recommend this book to magic lovers and fairy/elf lovers alike. I give this book a rating of 6/10 stars.