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Book Review: The Liar’s Key, by Mark Lawrence (2015). The Red Queen Wars – Book 2.

The Liar’s key is the second novel in the Red Queen Wars written by Mark Lawrence, and is even better than the first. We start out once more with our favourite Prince and Viking, crossing treacherous terrain to open Hells door with Loki’s key. In addition to Tuttagu, the ever loyal Underoth, we gain two other companions. A young boy, orphaned before their very eyes, named Hennen, and volva by the name of Kara whose magical abilities seem strangely dark. 

Jalan intends to follow the party as far as his home, where he intends to return to his old life. Snorri however, intends to open Hells door and retrieve his family, or die trying. 

But as with all well made plans, neither of our heroes are able to follow them through as they had hoped. Instead they find themselves on totally different paths, destined to cross again in the nearest future. 

This installment of the Red Queen Wars is fast paced and and filled with action. The ups and downs which the characters go through gives each personality and depth, but none so much as Jalan. He really evolves in this book and grows into someone the reader can be proud of. 

I have to admit I am surprised by this novel, in that I really didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I have. My assumption that the storyline had peaked was completely wrong. There is so much more to this tale and it has me honestly looking forward to reading the next novel. 

Having really enjoyed The Liar’s Key, by Mark Lawrence, I have given it the rating of 7.5/10 stars. I recommend this novel to a more mature audience,mainly due to content and humor. Great work overall.


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