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Book Review: Angel Mage, by Garth Nyx (2019).

What a different way to use magic in a storyline! It’s not complet’ely unique but the way in which magic’s and Angels are used in this tale is fantastic. A lot of the characters names are familiar from modern religions which I think makes the text more relatable to readers.

This tale begins with the awakening of Liliathe and her re-emergence into a world she had worked to create for her own means. With the use of Angel magic and her own Mage talents, she sets off events that domino into big trouble!

I found the book to be well written, using intelligent prose and holding just the right amount of humour. I believe this book would appeal to many young adults who enjoy the fantasy genre. I feel that it was just not quite as “complicated” in comparison to my normal reads. It’s not that I found the novel lacking or boring, I just found it difficult to focus in some areas.

Overall, this book has kept me interested throughout and has been an enjoyable read. Hope to see more great things from this author in the future. I recommend this not only to YA age group, but to anyone interested in fantasy. I give this book a rating of 7/10 stars.

Book Reviews

Book Review: This is going to Hurt, by Adam Kay (2017)

This is the first novel authored by British doctor, turned comedian Adam Kay. As he explains, the book is a collection of journal exerts derived from his own personal reflection of his days as a doctor. It gives a very clear and correct image of what can and actually does happen in main stream hospitals and other areas where health care professionals spend their days providing health care to those in need.

The fact I am still a practicing registered Nurse gave the book a lot of its appeal to me. Not to mention the raving review given by the nurse colleague whom suggested I give the book a go! Other than the obvious, I found this book funny and revealing, giving a great view to non- health care workers a fabulous look into what in some cases is a foreign concept. I also feel the extra information included in the footnotes is exceptional allowing all readers to have a basic understanding of what they are reading.

Over all this book has been an excellent read and is well worth checking out. No medical background required! I would recommend this book who likes a good laugh and has the stomach for some quite icky occurrences! I give this book a rating of 8/10 stars.