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Book Review: Hades Daughter, by Sara Douglass (2002).

A blast from the past in more ways than one! Hades Daughter is a fantasy fiction novel with a strong essence of mythological history interwoven within. I have very much enjoyed this novel finding it to be a definite page turner that keeps the reader ever awake late at night vowing that the current chapter shall be their last!

The story revolves around what is known as “The Troy Game” and becomes the main focus of all essential characters. My favourites being Brutus and Cornelia. Brutus, the ambitious leader of the forsaken Trojans, looking for a home, is the King an of said game, and is at its centre. Cornelia, Princess of Mesopotamia, is taken as wife to Brutus, who also holds the Goddess MAG within her womb. Both sensation characters that capture readers attention quickly and written in such a way that the reader begins to feel their emotions and really become a part of the book.

The way in which the book follows along with ancient mythology and history really gives the book an honest or realistic feeling although it is obviously a fantasy novel. I feel it’s almost a sense of “it just might of happened” about it (for lack of a better description)!

Overall I believe this book is fantastic. A great Aussie author has given the genre of fantasy something well worth the read. I recommend that anyone interested in this genre as I think it’s something all fantasy lovers would really enjoy. I give this book a rating of 10/10 stars.


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