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Book Review: Relic of the Gods, by Philip C Quaintrell (2018).

Relic of the Gods is the final book in the series Echoes of Fate by Philip C Quaintrell. It has been a fabulous read and one that I have enjoyed very much. I feel it is almost on par with my favourite of all authors Robin Hobb in its beautifully presented prose and fantastic storyline. This is one series I could definitely read again and again!

There is so much to love about the final book, even though there is still a lot of sadness that comes to pass. The story of Asher is absolutely fantastic, and although the ending isn’t the happily ever after that is expected, I found it to fit extremely well. Though I did find it a shame he never got the chance to really know Faylen. Gideon’s storyline is also quite fascinating. Being the last Dragorn is going to come with a lot of responsibilities that he will now have to shoulder. Thankfully Illargo is there to help him. Reyna, and Adilandra’s reunion is also a very touching scene and the changes that are rough amongst the elves at the end of the book actually came as quite a shock. Especially that in regards to Elym.

Overall I have to admit I have enjoyed Relic of the Gods and absolutely adored the series Echoes of Fate. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels especially this who love magic and dragons! I give this book a rating of 10/10 stars. Kudos to Phillip C Quaintrell.


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