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Book Review: Darkwitch Rising, by Sara Douglas (2010).

Darkwitch Rising is the third book to the Troy Game series, and is a complete “game changer” no-pun intended. With the birth of Jane and Wayland as brother and sister (Genvissa and Asterion reborn), and the others spread out over England, and still across the seas in Normandy, the game has had to act out of its own volition to ensure things continue to go as has been planned.

In this book we find that all of the characters are fully aware of their last lives, unlike this books predecessor, there are no characters still struggling to figure out what is really set out around them. They are all born fully aware of where they must go and what they must do, and work they way across land and sea to see it done.

My liking for Noah/Caela/Cornelia has definitely diminished, I think more likely due to the characters obvious change and growth that takes away most that I had admired. To take that place is strangely Asterion. The character when learn much about in this book than at any other time, gives the reader a sense that perhaps he really isn’t as bad as they had first thought. I feel that the growth of this character and the changes in beliefs has obviously occurred. So much so that I actually tend to feel sorry for him at different areas of the book.

Overall I did enjoy this book of historical mythology mixed just so as to tell the tale of a likely few that have been caught up in a game and won’t be renounced until after the game is completed. I recommend this book to all who are interested in fantasy fiction, as well as the historical mythology genre. I give this book a rating of 8/10 stars.