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Book Review: God’s Concubine, by Sarah Douglass (2003).

For a second book to a series I found it to be quite intriguing. The author has continued and affirmed the storyline in the representation of the characters in a a new life. It did have quite a bit of overlap that in some novel can be quite tedious. But with the amount of interesting additions it seemed to add to the story rather make it drag.

Again my favourite character is centred on Cornelia now reborn as Caela. She is sweet and holds a hidden strength and from what I understand remains to have some kind of “foundation” and is more “sensible than the others. Although by the end of this second novel I am not sure sensible is exactly the most correct choice of wording.

The moving forward of this story into the next era has been done well. I enjoyed the fact that their roles in society had been muddled over time. It goes past the time of ancient myth, and into a mor civilised time of war! It is still written in a time that is still long enough ago to have no complete knowledge of the goings on of this time at least as in depth as it is portrayed in this novel.

The downfall of this novel I feel if there is one is the slower pace of the story. It doesn’t seem that any of the characters really make much ground other than Caela. Which although may be somewhat greatly significant, it appears to be the only real one.

Overall I have to say that I have really enjoyed this second novel to the Troy Game series. I would recommend this to anyone interested in historical foundations to their novels as well as those who enjoy the fantasy genre. I give this book a rating of 8.5/10 stars.


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Book Review: Hades Daughter, by Sara Douglass (2002).

A blast from the past in more ways than one! Hades Daughter is a fantasy fiction novel with a strong essence of mythological history interwoven within. I have very much enjoyed this novel finding it to be a definite page turner that keeps the reader ever awake late at night vowing that the current chapter shall be their last!

The story revolves around what is known as “The Troy Game” and becomes the main focus of all essential characters. My favourites being Brutus and Cornelia. Brutus, the ambitious leader of the forsaken Trojans, looking for a home, is the King an of said game, and is at its centre. Cornelia, Princess of Mesopotamia, is taken as wife to Brutus, who also holds the Goddess MAG within her womb. Both sensation characters that capture readers attention quickly and written in such a way that the reader begins to feel their emotions and really become a part of the book.

The way in which the book follows along with ancient mythology and history really gives the book an honest or realistic feeling although it is obviously a fantasy novel. I feel it’s almost a sense of “it just might of happened” about it (for lack of a better description)!

Overall I believe this book is fantastic. A great Aussie author has given the genre of fantasy something well worth the read. I recommend that anyone interested in this genre as I think it’s something all fantasy lovers would really enjoy. I give this book a rating of 10/10 stars.


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Book Review: Relic of the Gods, by Philip C Quaintrell (2018).

Relic of the Gods is the final book in the series Echoes of Fate by Philip C Quaintrell. It has been a fabulous read and one that I have enjoyed very much. I feel it is almost on par with my favourite of all authors Robin Hobb in its beautifully presented prose and fantastic storyline. This is one series I could definitely read again and again!

There is so much to love about the final book, even though there is still a lot of sadness that comes to pass. The story of Asher is absolutely fantastic, and although the ending isn’t the happily ever after that is expected, I found it to fit extremely well. Though I did find it a shame he never got the chance to really know Faylen. Gideon’s storyline is also quite fascinating. Being the last Dragorn is going to come with a lot of responsibilities that he will now have to shoulder. Thankfully Illargo is there to help him. Reyna, and Adilandra’s reunion is also a very touching scene and the changes that are rough amongst the elves at the end of the book actually came as quite a shock. Especially that in regards to Elym.

Overall I have to admit I have enjoyed Relic of the Gods and absolutely adored the series Echoes of Fate. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys fantasy novels especially this who love magic and dragons! I give this book a rating of 10/10 stars. Kudos to Phillip C Quaintrell.


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Reading Ideas: Wolfskin, by Juliet Marillier (2017).

This could be another beginning to a fantastic series ☕️📚🌻📖👍💁‍♀️


Growing up on a farm in Rogaland, Norway, all Eyvind has ever wanted is to become one of the greatest Viking warriors-a Wolfskin-and fight for his leader in the name of the Warfather god, Thor. But his friend Somerled, a strange and lonely boy, has his own plans for the future. And they begin with an oath of brotherhood, which Eyvind swears to prove to Somerled that he has an ally.

A world away, Nessa, niece of King Engus of the Folk, begins her training to become a priestess of the Light Isles, and learn the ways of the mysteries.

Many years later, Eyvind, now one of the most highly regarded Wolfskins, is obliged to accompany Somerled and a group of settlers, led by Somerled’s much respected brother, Ulf, to begin a new settlement on the beautiful islands rumoured to lie across the western sea. The expedition begins badly, however, with a tragic event on board one of the ships. Something tells Eyvind that it may not have been an accident …

In spite of these beginnings they reach the islands, and Ulf’s new settlement is a harmonious one. Then one day, on a trip to a Holy place of the Folk, a brutal murder occurs. Now Eyvind begins to feel the binds of his boyhood oath, and realises what sort of future Somerled had in mind for himself all those years ago …

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Book Review: The Blacksmith Queen, by G. A. Aiken (2019).

Another book that turned out to completely different from my prediction. This book had been recommended to me by a friend and I thought I would give it a try. I am glad that I did, because this as turned out to be a brilliant read.

As epic fantasy goes, this book ticks all the required boxes to make it great. The main character Keeley , a blacksmith by trade, becomes elevated to a much higher and courtly position when war confronts the world as she knows it. Her sister Beatrice,being at the centre of much mischief and her entire family remained unaware. Keeley however, realises she must become involved in the attempt to keep her family and loved ones sage. Which means joining forces with a number of magical beings she would never have dreamt about.

This book is well written, with fabulous characters each with own eccentricities. Although the language used may not appeal to all readers There is a lot of swearing and adult themed references. But I feel this just adds to the characters personality as well as the storyline itself.

Overall, I have really enjoyed this book. It’s a unique to me and it had me laughing and in awe throughout the book. I feel all fantasy fiction lovers will find this book to be quite intriguing I recommend this book to the adult age group and I give this book the rating 10/10 stars.

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Book Review: The Poison Song, by Jen Williams.

About this book:

All is chaos. All is confusion. The Jure’lia are weak, but the war is far from over.

Ebora was once a glorious city, defended by legendary warriors and celebrated in song. Now refugees from every corner of Sarn seek shelter within its crumbling walls, and the enemy that has poisoned their land won’t lie dormant for long.

The deep-rooted connection that Tormalin, Noon and the scholar Vintage share with their Eboran war-beasts has kept them alive so far. But with Tor distracted, and his sister Hestillion hell-bent on bringing ruthless order to the next Jure’lia attack, the people of Sarn need all the help they can get.

Noon is no stranger to playing with fire and knows just where to recruit a new – and powerful – army. But even she underestimates the epic quest that is to come. It is a journey wrought with pain and sacrifice – a reckoning that will change the face of Sarn forever.

My Thoughts

The third and final book in the Winnowing Flame Trilogy, has been exciting and full of suspense. Plunging straight into conflict as soon as the first few pages have gone by, this book has been impossible to close. I was constantly wondering what was going to happen next. This book has an intersting and fitting ending. I like endings that are different. Not all stories have a happy ending for all characters.

Overall this book has been far from what i had expected but even better than i had hoped. I feel the series is well worth the read. I recommend this book to all fantasy lovers, young and old. I give this book a rating of 10/10 stars.

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Book Review: The Bitter Twins, by Jen Williams (2018).

The second book in this series has been an incredible addition to The Winnowing Flame Trilogy. The story continues where the last book ended with those left in Ebora trying to survive another invasion by the Worm people. With their less than suitable War Beasts and lack of Eboran riders life has been difficult for all of them, but there was no way they could sit idle in the face of danger.

Each of the characters have grown even more complete in this novel. Each with strong relationships with each other and the War Beasts who were born from the pods of the Tree God. Even Vintage seems more connected with all involved. Especially when returning with Eri and Nan. However not all is as it seems. When they split up in the hope of finding a way to forge their special fighting bonds, Tor and Noon find out more about the past than they have bargained for. As for the others, their attempts to fight the war don’t turn out as they plan either.

The novel is written in an easy to read fashion, and portrays the characters, as well as the storyline in such a way that makes this book difficult to put down. A definite page turner, there is a lot of action and adventure, as well as joy and heartache. I found Hestillion’s storyline to be the most surprising, with her differences in opinion and changes of heart, it is concerning that she could be part of the downfall of Ebora.

Overall, I have really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the following. I recommend this book to all epic fantasy lovers of all age groups. I feel that it would be enjoyed greatly by anyone who enjoys fantasy. I give the book a rating of 9.5/10 stars.

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Book Review: The Ninth Rain, by Jen Williams (2017).

The Ninth Rain is an exciting fantasy adventure that takes readers to dangerous new realm on the verge of being wiped out by strange creatures that ultimately travel from the skies. Ebora was a once great city where its people were revered as hero’s and champions of wars against such creatures But their power died along with their god,

This story revolves around one such Eboran, Tormalin, a human known as Vintage and a Fell Witch named Noon. This unusual trio find themselves together after Vintage takes both Tormalin and Noon into her employ on one of her exploration missions to find the reminiscence of the enemy.

I feel this is another fantastically unique and intriguing storyline, which made it almost impossible to set down. Easy to read and understand, the text is a delight to read. The addition of well crafted characters makes such a read completely worthwhile. I have to admit I have really enjoyed reading this book and am definitely looking forward to the next book in “The Winowing Flame Trilogy”.

Overall, I feel that anyone who enjoys fantasy fiction epic novels they would definitely enjoy this book written by Jen Williams. I recommend this book to fantasy lovers of an adult age group I give this book a rating of 9/10 stars.

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Book Review: Clockwork Princess, by Cassandra Clare.

I am not usually one that enjoys love stories or happily ever after endings. But this book is so bitter sweet that I was quite shocked and I have found it quite outstanding. I think the whole series has been well worth the read.

The book is written in an exciting way that keeps intrigue and adventure constant. The enclave still continue their war against the clockwork army that Mortmain created. However there is much more at stake this time. Jem’s health is much more delicate of late. So much so he and Tessa decided to make their wedding date sooner. The main reason for his rapid decline being due to Jem’s overuse of the drug that was keeping him alive. Much to the devastation of his parabatai Will and the rest of the institute which had been his home for so long.

I think what really made this story unique is the love triangle between the three. Without giving too much away, the love story works out quite well. And each of them manage to find true love in the end.

Overall I found this book to be well worth reading. It is a fanatic ending to a great series. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in the fight for good and evil, in a fantasy fiction skirt of way. Something a little new in an older setting. I give this book a rating of 8.5/10 stars.

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Book Review: Clockwork Prince, by Cassandra Clare (2011).

What a great story. I have always enjoyed the Shadowhunter story lines and this book is no exception. One of the reason’s I am enjoying this series so much I feel is the Victorian era setting. The social beliefs and practices of that time would make a fair challenge to writers trying to add fantasy fiction. However, it seems Cassandra Clare seems to have no issue of building a great story from this time period, producing a fantastic epic fantasy series in The Infernal Instruments.

The storyline itself and the writing style really makes the book a page turner for most readers. There is just enough romance to keep readers wondering what will happen between the characters, almost as much as what will happen in the next adventure the characters are about to embark upon. The books are fairly easy to read, and have just enough language of the Victorian era to make it delightful to follow.

Jem remains my favorite character. His kindness and sensitivity toward everyone in the institute makes him more or less an all around nice guy. Hoewever, recent revelations have made me consider Will a little more completley. He has more of an unfortunate past than I had first assumed giving him a much more alluring personality. I have also found myself feeling more in touch with Tessa. Her character is maturing as the books continue in this saga. She is much more interesting and and brave in this book. She is no where near as innocent as she first seems to be and I feel much more connected with her storyline.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this, the second book, in the series, and I feel that there would be many fantasy fiction lovers would enjoy this series for a number of reasons. Mostly for the magical fantasy of the world the author has created. I recommend this book to the young adult age group and older. I believe that younger readers would really enjoy this. I give this book a rating of 9.5/10 stars.