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Book Review: The Raven Tower, by Emma Miles.

This book has been a wonderful surprise. I was asked to review this book via Twitter and found an epic journey that has been a thrilling read. It begins with a request for help, to save the Fulmer islands, a place of magic and the home of Fire Walkers. But it turns out to so much more. An unexpected marriage, a change of life. Endurance in a new place and home. Life is not how Kesta planned it at all, but she shows courage and compassion in this time of change.

This book has been well written with plenty of focus on the main characters, Jorrun and Kesta, though depicts secondary characters in a way that makes them memorable to readers throughout the novel. I have enjoyed reading about Kesta’s journey and her new life with Jorrun, but her interactions and the way she broadens her circle of close of close friends becomes a very interesting area in the book to read. I feel that the book itself is easy to read without being too simple, and readers find it easy to return if the book needs to be set down.

The only down side to this novel would have to be the quest which Kesta takes on when Jorrun is in trouble. I feel as though the scenes were almost too easy to hypothesise. Almost as though it were too straightforward, leaving something lacking in a sense.

Overall, I found The Raven Tower by Emma Miles to be a good read for anyone interested in the fantasy genre. I would recommend it to the young adult age group and up. I give this book a rating of 7/10 stars.