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Book Review: Love’s Prey, by Francesca Quarto (2018).


I was honoured to be asked to read this novel and give an honest review by the author Francesca Quarto. I was thrilled to find I had been given such an exciting and adventurous book. Love’s Prey was quite a surprising read that delves into the world of Magic in the Native American style. This in itself intrigued me as I haven’t had the privilege of reading many books on this sub-genre. However, the entire novel turns out to be a “diamond in the rough”!

The novel begins with Trisha, the heroine of the tale being viciously attacked by someone trusted. Lucky to escape almost unscathed, she begins her adventure into an unknown world of Magic and Werewolves, which she had only thought possible I her dreams, having only ever existed in stories of her tribe growing up. Thankfully hunky Jackson saves the day and remains by her side in a protective roll, eventually developing into so much more!

I have to admit I really enjoyed the Native American influence throughout this novel. The ideas and use of Magic I felt was unique and extremely exciting. I found this book to be difficult to put down once into the story’s rhythm. The aspects of Revenge were also really well thought out and portrayed. As a reader I could almost feel Jackson’s venomous anger when he destroys what has hurt that is dear to him, that being Teresa.

The only issue I had with this novel would be in its prose. It was hard for me to quite follow the story to start with, but after the first few chapters I do admit to having been enthralled throughout, and really enjoying the storyline the author has written for these characters.

Overall I would recommend this to adults interested in the fantasy fiction genre. Especially for those who have an appetite for Werewolves! I give this book a rating of 7/10stars.

A big thank you and shout out to the author Francesca Quarto. Fantastic book. Can’t wait to ready what’s next. 🤘👍⭐️📚💙😊🙌


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