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Book Review – The Wolf of the North by Duncan M. Hamilton (2016).


It has been generations since the Northlands have seen a hero worthy of the title. Many have made the claim, but few have lived to defend it. Timid, weak, and bullied, Wulfric is as unlikely a candidate as there could be.

A chance encounter with an ancient and mysterious object awakens a latent gift, and Wulfric’s life changes course. Against a backdrop of war, tragedy, and an enemy whose hatred for him knows no bounds, Wulfric will be forged from a young boy, into the Wolf of the North. This is his tale.


The Wolf of the North is a heroic tale of Wulfric Wolframson, a young boy of Leondorf, a village in the Northlands, whom finds himself a warrior. The story begins with Wulfric as a child and details his growth into adulthood, during which times he overcomes his first foes. It isn’t long before he begins his warrior training and finds himself starting out on a journey he least expects.

I enjoyed the fluent and imaginative prose the story is written in. It makes for a definite page turner and makes the book impossible to put down In certain places. Especially during Wulfric’s warrior training and the events that follow. It is nice to see that there is a little romance in this story, between Adahlaid and Wulfric, which serves to soften the edges of the savage warriors persona. The addition of magic is also a bonus, and it is included in a way that allows it to be part of everyday life for those with the knowledge, but ordinary people can access it with the right knowledge.

Wulfric’s storyline is very fabulous, and watching his growth from young boy to adulthood has been a great read. The author has really made an awesome character who has a heart that is obviously going to place in more danger and difficult situations in the future. I have become very fond of Wulferic within the pages of this novel and I honestly can’t wait to dive into the next novel In the series.

Overall I have found it impossible to find anything negative to say about this book, it has been a joy to read. I would recommend The Wolf of the North, by M. Hamilton to adults who enjoy the fantasy dystopian genre. I give this book a rating of 10/10 stars.


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