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Book Review: Holy Sister, by Mark Lawrence (2019).

This book was more than worth the wait! Holy Sister, the third and final book of the Ancestor series is one of war and death, but it is also one of love and life. It’s an amazing roller coaster ride that everyone she experience even just once. Again we follow Nona Grey as she plays her role in saving Abeth. It is the subtle changes in Nona’s character that can be easily missed that really make the story. We learn in this final book just how much Nona has grown and how much she has come to learn in this final novel and it is quite amazing what faith can really do if one believes.

Throughout the book we find ourselves travelling back and forth from the escape of the previous book and the present which has the war almost pounding at the gates. Each scene is explosive and action packed and impossible to put down. I have barely been able to the book down!

I don’t want to give anything away with this book so I won’t go into detail of my favourite parts. Just know that this is a MUST READ series that is incredibly written and has a storyline that will keep any reader completely hooked from the first page.

Much praise to Mark Lawrence on the creation of the Ancestor series. I implore anyone who enjoys fabulously written characters in a fantasy storyline that is utterly amazing then these are the books for you. I give this book a rating 10/10 stars.


Fantasy Fiction

Book Review: The Tower Lord, by Anthony Ryan (2014).

Another great novel authored by the fantastic Anthony Ryan. The epic Adventure of Vaelin and his journey home after being released by an enemy thought to never have shown mercy. After 5 long years he returns to the realm and is greeted with Reva, the next person who wishes to take his life.

This book, like the first of its series is action packed and full of mystery and intrigue. Much is hidden though explained elegantly later on in the novel. There is a lot of depth in each of the characters, to the point that readers feel they know each main character intimately.

The most intriguing character that I enjoyed the most would have to be Lyrna. A Princess forged into a Queen by the trials she faces. She is a strong character, both powerful and ambitious. So I feel that her storyline is most interesting to follow. However, with war throughout the kingdom all characters, both old and new, are challenged in mind, body and spirit.

Overall I found this novel to be fantastic. Although it is a rather large novel I was kept engrossed the entire time, and I would recommend this to anyone interested in the Epic Fantasy genre. I give this book a rating of 9.5/10 stars.