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Book Review: Court of Thorns and Roses by Sara J Maas (2015).

Basic Storyline

Feyre, daughter of a once wealthy family, is left with two sisters and a damaged father to care for after her mother becomes ill and dies. She is the only one who hunts and is able to provide anything of value for her family to live on. Unfortunately she doesn’t realise that one of her kills was actually a Fae and Feyre had therefore broken the law. Tammin takes Feyre as payment of her life debt that she now knows to live in his court. Feyre is far from happy about this idea and fights it with all she is worth.

Who are the characters that stand out?

Feyre is an obviously one that stands out, mostly being the heroine of the story. Tammin is the hero of the story and the mysterious Fae Lord that peeks Feyre’s curiosity. Slowly, Tammin manages to change her feelings toward the people she has been taught to hate since she was a little girl. She finds that most of what she is taught as a child is false and the faerie are much different from what she had first believed.

Who is your favourite and why?

Although not one of the two main characters, Lucien seemed to steal my interest throughout this novel. Even though Tammin says he loves Feyre and shows obvious affection for her, something still seems fake about him for lack of a better word. Lucien however, seems more of a genuine fellow who has a hidden love for Feyre even though Tammin is his dearest friend.

Is this book easy to read and written well?

Yes! This book is definitely well written, and easy to keep focus while reading. 

Would you recommend this book to other fantasy fiction fans?

I would most definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in the fantasy fiction genre.

What do you rate this book?

I give this book a rating if 8.5/10 stars.

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