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Book Review: Queen of Fire, by Anthony Ryan (2015).

Queen of Fire by Anthony Ryan is the final novel in the Raven’s Shadow series. Again this author does not disappoint, delivering an exciting story filled with action, intrigue and war. In this book we follow the last of Vaelin’s exploits in the war against the Ally.

At the beginning of this novel we learn Queen Lerna has been miraculously healed by use of the the Dark which before now has been viewed as an evil needing to be hidden or destroyed. However, from this healing comes forth a power which the Queen intends to persuade to fight on her side and help win the war.

Reva, now much more than a well trained assassin, finds herself in the midst of an unbelievable situation in the clutches of the Empress who is the current host of an ancient and deadly evil. It is up to Frentis, Vaelin, and all those fighting on the side of good to save her, and hopefully bring an end to the war and bring forth peace to the realm and beyond.

I found this novel, although well written, slightly slower to take off than its predecessors but once into the swing of the things once more it progresses along just nicely. Overall I found this a fantastic novel and a wonderful series. I recommend this book to anyone interested in dystopian fantasy and enjoys novels such as Game of Thrones and the like. Raven’s Shadow series is most definitely worth the read. I give this book a rating of 9.5/10 stars.


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