Fantasy Fiction

Book Review: The Blood Debt, by Duncan M. Hamilton (2017).


The third and final book to the Wolf of the North series, is a fantastic ending to the much adored story of Wulfric Wolframson. A warrior worthy of his hero status, even if his closest friend Jagovere has embellished the tale over their years together. The story continues following the maesterspeakers story in a tavern, waiting for Wolfric to arrive, and the reader finally finds out why he has been loitering so long awaiting his old friend.

The story advances quickly, as we watch Rodulf rise to the top of his game and right before his ultimate goal finally comes into fruition, has it swiftly taken from beneath him. Adahlaid’s death at his hands being one of the most heart breaking moments of the entire series, as the wickedness of his cruel act is realised. Giving the eventual name of Wolferic’s sword a fine and fitting name.

The Blood debt, has kept me awake at times when I really should have been sleeping! It’s been very difficult to put down this novel and I have honestly enjoyed reading it greatly. The characters are unique though easily familiar not far into the series. Each book seems to get even better. As humble hero’s go, Wolferic Wolframson has most definitely become one of my favourites after reading this series.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy fiction of epic heroism, and a more humble hero you won’t really find! And I give this book the rating of 10/10 stars. I will definitely have to add more titles written by this author to my reading list.


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