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Book Review: Jorundyr’s Path, by M. Hamilton (2017).


Another fantastic novel authored by M. Hamilton, Jorundyr’s Path is the second novel in the Wolf of the North series. We begin by rejoining Wulfric on his quest to carry out a blood debt he believes he owes his lost love Adalhaid. From here we embark on an adventure that takes Wulferic far from home, and he finds himself learning the ways of the world despite himself.

This novel takes off right where it’s predecessor finished. The story is told by the Maesterspaeker and as the story goes, he has returned the following evening to continue his epic tale, so only a minimal explanation is given to catch up readers and remind them of previous events. From here there is a whirlwind of movement and change and Written in a way that keeps readers on the edge of their seats with gripping writing of this story. This time each of the characters take voice in the story, and there is an additional audience member now following the story from the tavern bar. We find our hero becomes more and more famous, and our villain digs a deeper hole for himself, and the plot continues to thicken.

I have found this novel to be another wonderful read. I have loved the adventure, devastation and romance. It’s been extremely difficult to put down and has me extremely excited to read the next book. I recommend this book to adults interested in the fantasy genre. Those who enjoy war and politics would definitely enjoy this series authored by a very talented M. Hamilton. I give this book a rating of 10/10 stars.



Jorundyr’s Path is walked only by the brave. It is survived only by the strong.
As Wulfric pursues Adalhaid’s Blood Debt, he soon learns that the path to revenge is never easy, and the desires of men and the will of gods rarely meet. Aethelman seeks answers to questions long ignored. Rodulf chases power and wealth.
From the streets of Elzburg to the dry plains of Darvaros, Wulfric walks Jorundyr’s Path and encounters a world larger than he could ever have dreamed of: filled with friends, enemies, and danger—the crucible from which heroes are forged. ~ Kindle

To check this out on Kindle click here

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