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Book Ideas – Forged, by Liam Reese (2018).

The description for this title caught my eye. This is something I will definitely be taking a closer look at 📚👍👏👌🤓😉📖


Her kingdom violently usurped by her immortal uncle, her lands in turmoil, she must seek out one of the legendary and outcast Forged, mages possessing the ability to change humans into different forms. His mythical powers are her only hope.

Thorn, a cursed outcast among his people, has lived alone, suffering their vilification his entire life when a strange woman appears, enticing him with fame and fortune.

To help her wrest back her throne he needs the Anvil, a magical artifact hidden in the high mountains by an order of giant monks. On their journey Thorn conceals a dangerous lie—his powers are erratic and a danger to them all. If he cannot take the Anvil, all hope will be lost. Thorn has no choice but to hope that when his betrayal is revealed, he is not reviled forever.

Thorn has no choice but to move forward. No choice but to use whatever abilities are at his disposal to forge a path to victory—and hope that when his companions discover his betrayal, he is not reviled forever.

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Book Review: The Blood Debt, by Duncan M. Hamilton (2017).


The third and final book to the Wolf of the North series, is a fantastic ending to the much adored story of Wulfric Wolframson. A warrior worthy of his hero status, even if his closest friend Jagovere has embellished the tale over their years together. The story continues following the maesterspeakers story in a tavern, waiting for Wolfric to arrive, and the reader finally finds out why he has been loitering so long awaiting his old friend.

The story advances quickly, as we watch Rodulf rise to the top of his game and right before his ultimate goal finally comes into fruition, has it swiftly taken from beneath him. Adahlaid’s death at his hands being one of the most heart breaking moments of the entire series, as the wickedness of his cruel act is realised. Giving the eventual name of Wolferic’s sword a fine and fitting name.

The Blood debt, has kept me awake at times when I really should have been sleeping! It’s been very difficult to put down this novel and I have honestly enjoyed reading it greatly. The characters are unique though easily familiar not far into the series. Each book seems to get even better. As humble hero’s go, Wolferic Wolframson has most definitely become one of my favourites after reading this series.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy fiction of epic heroism, and a more humble hero you won’t really find! And I give this book the rating of 10/10 stars. I will definitely have to add more titles written by this author to my reading list.


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Book Review: The Tower Lord, by Anthony Ryan (2014).

Another great novel authored by the fantastic Anthony Ryan. The epic Adventure of Vaelin and his journey home after being released by an enemy thought to never have shown mercy. After 5 long years he returns to the realm and is greeted with Reva, the next person who wishes to take his life.

This book, like the first of its series is action packed and full of mystery and intrigue. Much is hidden though explained elegantly later on in the novel. There is a lot of depth in each of the characters, to the point that readers feel they know each main character intimately.

The most intriguing character that I enjoyed the most would have to be Lyrna. A Princess forged into a Queen by the trials she faces. She is a strong character, both powerful and ambitious. So I feel that her storyline is most interesting to follow. However, with war throughout the kingdom all characters, both old and new, are challenged in mind, body and spirit.

Overall I found this novel to be fantastic. Although it is a rather large novel I was kept engrossed the entire time, and I would recommend this to anyone interested in the Epic Fantasy genre. I give this book a rating of 9.5/10 stars.


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Book Review: Purity, by Claire Farrell (2013).

This is the final book in the Cursed series authored by Claire Farrell, and I feel that it closes things quite nicely. With Nathan’s family curse broken, everything is in turmoil, most of all Perdy and Nathan’s relationship. Both of them feeling the loss of the infatuation that comes with the curse, it still knowing there is a natural attraction between the two.

The storyline really picks up in this novel and becomes quite fast paced and action really becomes a big part of the novel. There are some gruesome fight scenes involving fangs and fur, which leave the reader wanting more.

As a final book in a series I feel the author has tied up all questions or loose ends readers may have had nicely. Definitely a series for the young adult, but suitable for all ages. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoys the fantasy genre and has a liking of werewolves. I give this book a rating of 7/10 stars.


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Book Review: Prince of Wolves, by Quinn Loftis. (Book 1 of The  Grey Wolf series.)

Prince of Wolves is a teenage romance with a werewolf fantasy woven amongst it. The author has modernised the novel by characters referring to the werewolves as Cannis Lupis which has been their name in many recent fantasy tales. However I did feel that it was difficult to decipher the “Texan” connotations which made the text difficult to understand at times. Basically the romance itself has a twist and gives “Arranged marriages “ a new meaning altogether. The sarcasm and humour make it enjoyable to read. What I would have liked there to have been more of the two friends Jen and Sally. They are interesting characters and there could have been more from their points of view.  

Overall I found the book refreshing and give a rating of 5/10. I recommend this series to young teens although I have to admit I am enjoying the storyline. So far so good.