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Book Review: Definitely Dead, by Charlaine Harris. (Book 6 in the Sookie Stackhouse series 2006).

Sookie begins the sixth novel of the series with a boyfriend with a beating heart, no matter that it belongs to a were-tiger! Which is lucky for her that he is, even though he does struggle to protect her numerous times through this book. Sookie is attacked physically by a werewolf at the beginning of the book, and Bill attacks her emotionally by telling her the real reason for his courting her (persuaded by Eric), which of course crushes her heart into a million tiny pieces. But she doesn’t really have much time to contemplate this since she is required in New Orleans to deal with her dead cousin, Hadley’s estate.

Hadley had not only become a Vampire and made a life for herself before she had died the “true death”, she had also become the queen of Louisiana’s “companion” so to speak, which Sookie later finds she had actually cared quite deeply for her. She had owned her own apartment above the landlady who also happened to be a witch named Amelia, who assisted Sookie in finding out how Hadley had died (and the where abouts of a bracelet supposedly in Hadley’s possession), and why a newly made Vampire had attacked them once the stasis spell (cast by Amelia to ensure cleaning wasn’t necessary) had worn off. What’s even more strange is the new Vampire was actually a missing werewolf who worked with Quin.Luckily Sookie is able to untangle events to an extent, finding the bracelet for the Queen and discovering the identity of who had been sending the werewolf attackers. Debbie Pelt has one hell of a meddling family, however they still abide by traditional rules and the father is able to take control of Debbie’s determined younger sister. The book concludes with Sookie and her entourage returning to Bon Temp.
Amazingly Sookie is still going after everything that’s happened. She has had no time to process what’s really been going on around her with what Bill said to her in the hospital and the death of her cousin. Charlaine Harris has left us with a bit of a cliff hanger here. What will Sookie do? Will she ever speak to Bill again or if she does will be only as she stakes him? What will happen between her and Quin, considering they seem to make a pretty hot couple? And how long will Sookie’s new house guest be staying?
Charlaine Harris has written another great book with a lot of action packed adventure. Definitely Dead is a great book for anyone who like a supernatural and romantic genre. Looking forward to the next book. I have given Definitely Dead a rating of 7/10. Recommended for anyone 15 years or older.

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Book Review: Dead as a Doornail, by Charlaine Harris. (Book 5 in the Sookie Stackhouse series 2005).

Wow! Poor Sookie! She doesn’t seem to be able to catch a break! This book is that jammed pack full of action I’m surprised she has time to use the bathroom! The fifth book of the Sookie Stackhouse series, Dead as a Doornail, authored by Charlaine Harris, begins with Sookie concerned about her brother since it’s the first full moon since Jason had been bitten several times by a were-panther. Luckily for her Calvin Norris from Hotshot offered to take care of him whilst in his “state”, but unluckily for Calvin he is a victim of a shooting and only one of a number of shootings which have targeted shifters in the Louisiana area recently. Sam is even shot in the leg outside Merlotte’s and had to hire a new cook – Sweetie (since Lafayette died in book 4) and “borrows” a bartender, named “Charles Twining” from Eric Northman to work at Merlottles.
Meanwhile the leader of the werewolf pack in Sheverport, is hit by a car and Alcide goes to Sookie for help to achieve pack leader status for his father. Unfortunately Alcide is sneaky and manipulative in the ways he gets Sookie to help, and this causes friction between the two. Not to mention the anger and frustration they feel once the werewolves begin choosing their new leader. Sookie leaves Alcide angry and not wanting to see him again any time soon. Although she really wouldn’t mind running into the were-tiger Quin (the referee at the werewolf event), sometime in the near future!

She seems to have so much going on in her life that everything is spinning out of control at a rapid rate. Since the shooter assumes Sookie is as bad if not even worse than being an actual shifter, even she gets shot when going to the library! This is enough to send her into action to deal with the case,  with the help of Sam (her boss) and even Andy Bellefluer (a local police officer).

To top it all off, there has to be some kind of Vampire complication running through the book somewhere! It turns out Charles is not the gentleman Vampire she first believed. In fact he turns out to be an assassin, who was sent by Long Shadow’s “maker” (the Vampire who was staked because of what Sookie had read using her gift) to take revenge. Sookie is nearly strangled by Charles when the men in the bar intervene, and stake Charles in the back area of Merlotte’s, right before Pam and Eric arrive.

Sookie also enlists Eric’s help to save her friend Tara Thornton from a particularly nasty Vampire, who had been keeping her for his amusement, food and general satisfaction. Eric makes a deal with Sookie and he fixes the issue with Tara and she tells him about their life together while he was under the witches spell. She also tells him about how he had taken a bullet that was meant for her and she had shot Debbie Pelt in the head and then let him take her body somewhere and hide it.

With a doubt, Charlaine Harris has a grand ability to weave a story of fiction that keeps the reader unable to stop reading. I can’t believe the imagination and creativity one must have to deliver such incredible story lines. I am immensely enjoying this series so far. I give Dead as a Doornail a 8/10 rating.


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Book Review: Dead to the World, by Charlaine Harris. (Book 4 in the Sookie Stackhouse series 2004).

In the previous novel authored by Charlaine Harris, Club Dead, we see Sookie attempt to sever ties with the two Vampires who impact on her life most, Bill and Eric. She even goes as far as to rescind their invitations into her house to make a statement of finality where the Vampires are concerned. In the fourth novel – Dead to the World, we find Sookie is attempting to piece together some kind of resemblance of a “normal” life. This seems to work alright until she is driving home from Merlotte’s after working the New Year’s Eve shift, only to discover a man running bare foot along the road and he has completely lost his memory.
After discovering that this late night runner is actually Eric Northman, she also learns that he has no memory of his current life! Following some phone calls and subsequent discussions with Pam, she realizes that there are in fact Witches working to extort money from him by taking over his power, and they are located nearby in Sheverpot. On top of all this, Sookie also finds out that her brother Jason is missing, and wastes time blaming the witches for that too.
Poor Sookie, she is stuck with a being of which she currently despises, and accidentally finds herself falling in love all over again. The change in Eric’s personality due to the recent memory loss captures Sookie’s romantic heart-strings, and they both give into the attraction which they have managed to deny, up until now. Meanwhile she turns to Alcide for help regarding her missing brother, and finds willing allies amongst more supernatural beings against the war with the Witches. dead to the world
Once Sookie realizes the Witches were not involved in her brothers disappearance, she looks toward the nearby town of “hotshot” and finds him in a predicament with his were-panther girlfriends intended. So much for normality of any kind! On the other hand Sookie can now say she has been schooled in werewolf and shape shifter life. At least to a point. The question is has she learnt anything from her adventures?
Charlaine Harris really turns up the heat in this novel, and lets the words sizzle off the page. The one on one time with Sookie and Eric are Hot! But did she really think that the “fairy tale” which they lived during the time which Eric had no memory of his former identity would exist once the spell was broken? And what about Bill? We all know he is less than impressed about the whole scenario.
I give this novel an 8.5/10 rating. Readers who like hot sizzling hot romance who enjoy – Dead to the world.


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Book Review: Club Dead, by Charlaine Harris (Book 3 in the Sookie Stackhouse series 2003).

In the third installment of the Sookie Stackhouse series, authored by Charlaine Harris, we find Sookie and Bill in a romantic rut. Yes, things had gotten cozy again with Bill after they worked through the issues which arose during their Dallas adventure. But things still seemed to be bothering Sookie, and it turns out to be with good reason! Not only does Bill lie about his up-coming work trip, (which he needs to finish as a matter of life or death as threatened by the Queen of Louisiana) he cheats on Sookie with his former lover and “maker” Lorena. Eric and Pam appear with this information right after Bubba saves Sookie from a werewolf attack at Merlotte’s.

So what does Sookie do? She gives him another chance! I mean we have to give her a break, Bill is her first love, and that is always the hardest ever love to walk away from (even in a fiction novel)! After meeting up, with the all attractive Allcide (whose ex-girlfriend later attacks her), and travelling to Jackson, Sookie goes to the rescue, and not only takes on the King of Mississippi, Russell Eddington, she saves Bill from being tortured. All of which she accomplishes with Eric’s undeniable assistance (thus deepening the connection of the love triangle in more ways than one!). Not to mention the staking of a few necessary vampires along the way.

The sad thing is, once she saves Bill, Sookie then has to deal with the horrible things he did. The infidelity. The fact he was going to leave her. How dare he? She ends up taking matters into her own hands and rescinds invites to her home to both Bill and Eric. Is this the end of the love triangle? Or will Sookie forgive Bill for his indiscretions?

Again Charlaine Harris has put out another exciting addition to the Sookie Stackhouse series. The twists and turns all come to fruition eventually. She has left a variety of options for future story lines.

If you’re into a romance novel with a little humor and a supernatural feel, then this is definitely a good series to read. It offers something for just about anyone who can think “outside the box”. This book is a 7.5/10 rating. Recommended for ages 15 years and older.


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Book Review: Living Dead in Dallas, by Charlaine Harris. (Book 2 in the Sookie Stackhouse series 2002).

The first book Dead Until Dark, ended with Sookie surviving a series of murders in her home town Bon Temp, which were committed by Arelene’s (co-worker at Merlotte’s and friend) on again off again boyfriend Rene. She is battered and bruised but alive. She also finds out that her should have been savior, boyfriend Vampire Bill Compton had gone to a regional political meeting to campaigned for a higher position to rival that of Eric Northman, the “Sherrif of Area 5″. Eric, along with Pam are from neighboring Sheverport and Eric is seen by Sookie as his “Boss”.

This book, Living Dead in Dallas, authored by Charlaine Harris, begins with Sookie bruised, but back at work, and trying to get on with her stranger than average life. However this “normalcy” doesn’t extend far into the first chapter! The cook at Merlotte’s Lafayette, is found dead in Andy Belefluer’s car, and goes from bad to worse when Bill is summoned by Eric to assist Vampires in Dallas find a missing nest brother. Sookie did make a promise to use her gift to help her new-found “friends” freely (a vital mistake in the last novel) and is now at liberty to follow through. However, this pays a toll on the Sookie and Bill love affair, as things turn sour and Sookie returns home after their trip alone.

When she arrives home there is still the issue of what happened to poor Lafayette. Determined to help Andy, Sookie asks Eric to accompany her to a “sex party” so she can use her gift to listen in on people’s thoughts. Not only do they reveal the murderer and provide an offering to a Maynard which just happened to demand respect right when things were already difficult, but Sookie also finds that she could be a part of a possible love triangle, and with Eric of all human and supernatural beings!.
What a whirlwind of events! And that isn’t all that happens. Charlaine Harris has packed this novel so full of action that it’s almost difficult to keep up. The reader often feels sorry for Sookie, as she goes through physical and emotional trials, all for the love of her Vampire. Not to mention the numerous near death experiences by various assailants, including a religious cult! And where did all this hard work get her? Alone and forced to ask a favour from a Vampire who would do anything to climb between the sheets with her. I don’t think anyone would blame Sookie if she packed her bags and headed for the proverbial hills. Bon Temps and anywhere with Vampire interest doesn’t seem safe. But even so, the risk still seems exciting.

Even though these events are all way out of the ballpark, Charlaine Harris has discovered a way to tell the story with truth and conviction from the characters point of view. Sookie Stackhouse does live in a world of Vampires and the author has taken the readers on a “sky-dive” of adventures. I think she has really created something special. I love it. The story line is so fun and it runs together like clock work.
My rating for this book is 8/10. Fabulous series so far and lots of openings for more to follow. Even though plot is very far-fetched, those who don’t ordinarily like books with a supernatural taste, would still get a kick out of this series. Recommend for ages 15 years and older.


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Book Review: Den of Sorrows, by Quinn Loftis. (Book 9 of the Grey Wolf Series).

Another fabulous addition to the series, book 9 Den of Sorrows sees us back with the usual group of mated werewolves attempting to save the world from evil once more. This time the threat is one which none of them believed could happen, since Vampires were supposed to be extinct or at least very close to it.

The book begins with our favourite three girls reprimanding their mates for hiding things by closing their bonds. Jen is happily enjoying motherhood with her daughter Thia, Sally continues to learn her gypsy craft, and Jacque is eight months pregnant and almost ready to pop! There is no wonder the males decide to heed Vasile’s orders to refrain from telling their mates about the latest threat, especially since the evil is targeting innocent children. 

Perizada and the other supernatural races also lend a hand in the latest war that they have been called upon to fight. They find themselves flashing all over the United States with the high fae in order to carry out strategic manoeuvres against their enemies. But of course the war is not the only thing that overshadows the group. Jacque goes into labour whilst in a cave, and joins Jen’s club of giving birth in awkward places! Thankfully the girls are altogether so they are able to help Jacque through the labour, though naturally things don’t go as planned. Jacque loses a lot of blood, and both her and Fane’s life hang in the balance. 

Thankfully there is an authors note at the end of this novel letting readers know that there is another book to come. There are a lot of loose ends from this instalment that really need to be cleared up! Not to mention what on earth is going to happen to Sally??? That was a twist that I wasn’t expecting in the least. 

Again Quinn Loftis has delivered us another brilliant addition to the Grey Wolf series, and has kept me heartily entertain d throughout. The rating for this book is 7/10 stars and recommended for young to mid teens.


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Book Review: Luna of mine, by Quinn Loftis. (Book 8 of the Grey Wolf series.)

The eighth book of this series takes a different direction to the rest, taking us back through history before the merging of the Romanian packs, to a time when Vasile had yet to find his mate. Alina takes advantage of the ALL girls vacation to tell her story in the hopes to share wisdom and give them the insight and strength they will need being mated to such dominant males. 

Alina begins the story when she was merely 16 years old and the pack Alphas of the time had ‘moved on’ to their next life. These Alphas were none other than Vasile’s parents. Alina reflects on their first meeting and the first time he used their bond to talk with her, and how her father thought it best she wait till she was of age before completing the mate bond. Alina tells the girls of Vasile’s exile and how he regained what was his. Even the Fae Perizada popped up a few times giving us the sense she much older than anyone could fathom!

Although I thoroughly enjoyed this story I felt there was much less of the usual atmosphere that usually created in these novels. It’s really goes to show that the the three American girls really make the story unique. What sarcasm and humour was added would have been difficult to add in due to the scene set for the storyline. However the story of Vasile and Alina was fantastic even without the sarcastic extras. 

Despite this novel not being the favourite of this series I still give it a ranking of 7/10 stars and recommend this book to young to mid teens. 


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Book Review: Sacrifice of Love, by Quinn Loftis. (Book 7 in the Grey Wolf series.)

What an emotional roller coaster. The sixth book, Sacrifice of Love, by Quinn Loftis, has bee the best book yet. It has everything, love, turmoil, action, life and death. I thoroughly enjoyed the storyline and was surprised by the twists and turns presented.
As usual the girls find themselves kidnapped yet again, this time at the hands of a crazy warlock who is in fact Lilly’s mates brother. Their mate bonds are severed and they are left alone and defenceless in a place created by the Fae. Their mates are frantic with worry and anger as they attempt to find the girls, but with no bond it proves a difficult task. Thankfully the supernatural world lends their helping hands and gives the wolves the magical boost they need to get through their toughest battle yet. 


My favourite part of this book has to be when Jen finally gives birth to their daughter. Finding that the doc has given herself to the fates in place of their daughter is an amazing story. Especially the fact it is a complete surprise that it is her that makes the sacrifice and not the White wolf that has mysteriously found his way into the path of the pack, which is what I first thought. It ties her part in the series nicely without killing her off without meaning or purpose other than merely ending her or letting her wander aimlessly throughout the future novels. 

The main storyline really captured my imagination. I could almost feel the characters with all the modern lingo and references. The way the wolves incorporate this into the usually more formal lives is quite interesting and the humour is fantastic because of it. 

Overall I found this novel brilliant in the case of the storyline and am interested to see what follows in the next novel. This book and series is recommended for young to mid teens. I give the rating of 7.5/10 stars for this book. 


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Book Review: Fate and Fury, by Quinn Loftis. (Book 6 of the Grey Wolf series).

The sixth instalment of the Grey Wolf series gives us all the answers to our unanswered questions from the last book as well as opens up more by the end. Quinn Loftis has woven supernatural disaster beautifully, and has not disappointed readers, giving them a battle to remember
Jacque, Jen and Sally, as always, are in the thick of the drama, and after rescuing their mates fall victim to a spell of revenge dished out by their enemy Desdemona. The males, although no longer suffering the torment of the in-between, still suffer from what they have seen, and it’s affecting the bond with their mates. So much so the she-wolves take drastic measures that causes all kinds of issues when Desdemona’s spell strikes. 

Meanwhile Lilly and Cypher manage to wrangle assistance for the battle with the witch from an unlikely source, the elves. The Fae too become involved, after being chastised by the great Goddess Luna herself, use the moonstone presented to them to call all of the packs together for war.

The battle itself is ferocious and devastating and both sides are injured. But when the battle is over the right side find themselves still standing, only to come face to face with an even greater threat being Cypher’s own brother. This could lead to all kinds of trouble in future novels.

Overall Fate and Fury is a impressive book that keeps readers hooked with all the action and adventure. Again this book is recommended for early to mid teens. This book receives a rating of 7/10 stars.


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Book Review: Beyond the Veil, by Quinn Loftis. (Book 5 of the Grey Wolf series).

What can I say other than wow! Talk about cliff hangers! The fifth book in the Grey Wolf series has been so loaded with action and suspense that it’s caused me to buy the next book even before writing the review for this one! I thoroughly enjoyed this book though I am an emotional wreck for these characters turmoil and devastation.
It begins with Jacque being separated from Jen and Sally. Jacque and Fane go into the mountains with Vasile and the rest of the Romanian pack, while Jen and Decebel along with Sally and her new found mate Costin travel in another direction. All the while Desdemona makes plans to destroy the world. Lilly Peirce, Jacque’s mum is brought into the scenario by the witch and is used as a trading pawn, and a warlock King finds his true mate. Mona employs help from pixie’s and causes Jacque to fall into a supernatural coma and Fane to be sent to the in-between, where nightmares come to life as images before your very eyes. The story however ends in a cliff hanger when all of the males are removed from the equation to join Fane, leaving the she-wolves unprotected. 

The entire book is filled with edge gripping scenario’s leaving the reader begging for more. Ending the book in such a way that the reader is desperate to see if the girls can save their men who are trapped in place worse than hell, and will they be able to defeat Desdemona. So many questions left unanswered. I can’t wait to get stuck into the next book. Well done Quinn Loftis, who has created a fabulous novel. 

This book receives the young to mid teen age group recommendation and a star rating of 7.5/10.