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Book Review: Blood Rites, by Quinn Loftis. (Book 2 of The Grey Wolf series.)

This is the second novel in the Grey Wolf series, and proved to be a good continuation of the first. Jacque and Fane attempt to perform the Canis Lupis blood rites ceremony only to have their attempts thwarted by yet another psych werewolf who wants to take Jacque as his mate. Along for the ride are her two best friends Jen and Sally who with their overly sarcastic comments bring some kind of reality to the storyline. Although understanding it from an adult perspective and one from another continent, can be very tricky at times but well worth the effort!

The author has done great things with this storyline giving us a kidnapping psycho who will test Fane especially in the controlling the wolf part of him. I felt the fight scene could have been much more involved, however making it more graphic would insist a more mature reader. Quinn also adds in a twist that incorporates Jen and a Canis Lupis Decebel, which opens things up for further storylines. Not to mention the introduction of a father into the scheme of things. Quinn has certainly gripped readers attention with continuous plot twists turns and additions. 

So far I have found myself becoming hooked with this series even though the first book left me wondering wether to continue on to the next book. I really hope Quinn Loftis continues to step up to the plate and give readers something fresh in the next instalment. 

This book would satisfy most teenage girls romantic and fantasy appetites and would recommend the age group. 

The rating for this novel would have to be 6/10. 


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